About Us

Contraband Games was founded by a husband and wife team who tend to do everything outside the lines. So when they decided to make tabletop RPGs, it only made sense that they break some rules there, too. 

Most game companies design their products by asking, “What do gamers like?” and building their games around those elements. Instead, we asked, “What do gamers DISLIKE?” and endeavored to fix those elements. What developed is the TIPICAL system. We created an engine that is familiar to RPG veterans, but simple and easier to learn for new players. We designed mechanics that allow for fast combat rounds, the ability to create characters that are exactly what you want without the restrictions of classes, and a method of leveling up those characters quickly so you aren’t spending an hour going from level 3 to 4. 

Check out our upcoming release What Remains, currently on Kickstarter, and help us reach our goal!