The Saurians

Saurians are reptilian extraterrestrials, from the Alpha Draconis system 300 light years from Earth. They first detected Earth after receiving broadcasts from early space flights in the 1960s. They arrived in orbit around the Earth in the middle of the 1990s and began observation of the human civilization. After the disastrous events following Y2K, some Saurian scouts that were performing recon were left behind. If you play a Saurian, you’ll be playing one of those abandoned Saurians or one of their offspring. 

Saurians are slightly smaller than humans, though this doesn’t impair their Impact or Tenacity due to their alien physiology. As a space-faring species with a historical access to advanced technology, this provides them with a +2 Intellect and +1 to both Science and Energy Weapon skills.

Given that they are foreign to Earth’s cultures and their appearance is so unusual, Charisma costs double for Saurians.