The Revenants

Revenants were born human, but radiation activated a dormant gene in their DNA. That gene activated upon their impending death, keeping them alive long after they should have died. They exist in a state between life and death. Their hearts pump blood and they breathe air, but they don’t require food or water. Whatever age they are when death first finds them, that’s the age they remain, given a peaceful and safe existence, eternally. 

The biggest problem for Revenants is their visual resemblance to zombies. Until a Revenant speaks, they can easily be mistaken for a typical zombie. As you can imagine, this leads to many Revenants being killed on sight. 

Due to their immortality, most Revenants have been around long enough to learn more, giving them 5 extra skill points at creation. They also don’t need food or water to survive, which, as you can imagine, is a huge boon in an apocalyptic wasteland.
They also look like zombies, so Charisma costs double for Revenants.

Would you trade your looks for immortality?