The Humans

In What Remains, there are six playable species that roam the wastelands, each with its own advantages and drawbacks.¬†We’re pretty certain that you all know what humans are, unless there’s aliens reading this from space. With civilization long gone, humans are no longer the dominant species. They now struggle to survive alongside all of the other species, and without the adaptations that the other species have, humans are having a harder time of it. That isn’t to say they are helpless or weak; humans have a long history and culture to pull from, and that cooperation and coordination makes them a formidable species. In terms of mechanics, humans have double the starting currency at character creation, due to their extensive trading networks and social nature. But they also receive a Glitch for which they don’t receive a corresponding Edge (more on these in future posts), because humans are flawed and their evolution has been stunted due to thousands of years of being at the top of the food chain.