About Us


We are now Kraken Bay Games! 😎 Why the name change, you may ask? Well, we re-evaluated our goals and priorities and ultimately decided that Contraband Games no longer suited us. But don’t worry, the games you know and love aren’t going anywhere. Follow us on social media; that’s where all of the updates and events will be posted. The new website is www.krakenbaygames.com



Contraband Games was created by us: Raven and River. We are a husband and wife with two laptops, a ton of dice, and a passion for tabletop roleplay. After decades of playing with the same systems, we decided to break the rules and make our own. With the help of over 30 years of tabletop RPG experience, we’ve spent literally thousands of hours creating and testing our own, new and improved mechanics system to optimize the shenanigans.